The Dornoch Distillery was founded by brothers Simon and Philip Thompson, well known for running the family owned Dornoch Castle Hotel, located in the Scottish Highlands. The brothers are best know for the well respected whisky bar, specialising in old, rare and unique whiskies at fair prices.

Having built the reputation of Dornoch Castle as one of the best whisky hotels in the world, the brothers decided to put their combined knowledge and experience in the whisky industry into practice: they started a crowdfunding campaign to help make their dream of building a distillery into a reality.


Dornoch Distillery's crowdfunding campaign went live in March 2016 and was extremely successful, reaching its goal within weeks. The crowdfunding gained interest from all over the world, with many investors from mainland Europe, East Asia and the USA.

Works began in 2016 to renovate a 19th-century fire station into a micro distillery that now houses two direct gas-fired pot stills, a pot-column still, wooden washbacks and a mash tun.

In December 2016, production began on the Experimental Series of gins. Crowdfunders each received a sample pack of the ten experimental batches and feedback from this has led to the formulation of the final Thompson Brothers’ gin recipe.

The Experimental Series was additionally available to purchase from select retailers in the UK, Germany, Italy, Belgium and Japan.

Thompson Brothers Organic Highland Gin

Launched in December 2017 Thompson Brothers Organic Highland was created from crowdfunders feedback and many months of tests and trials.


Thompson Bros Organic Highland Gin is distilled from a blend of 90% organic grain spirit and 10% organic floor-malted heritage barley spirit, which is slowly fermented and twice distilled on direct gas-fired copper pot stills. The grain spirit is combined with our proprietary botanical blend and slowly redistilled. Our new make spirit is then combined with the base gin spirit and slowly diluted to 45.7% ABV. The grain spirit gives a fantastic canvas for our botanical blend, while the new make spirit provides body, creamy texture and a light fruity character.

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Single Malt Whisky

The focus of the Thompson Brother's was always to make Single Malt whisky using 'older styles' of production and ingredients. Small should be unique and beautiful, only time will tell whether our production principles will become interesting spirit driven Single Malt Whisky....

  • Floor Malted Organic Plummage Archer Barley
  • Brewers Yeasts propagated in house 
  • Wort fermented in wooden washbacks for a minimum of seven days
  • Slow direct gas fired distillation
  • Spirit filled into aged American white oak Organic ex-Montilla casks (PX & Olorosso)

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