Dornoch Distillery Co Octaves



We aim to use 100% floor malted Organic heritage varieties of Barley.  Floor malted heritage varieties can cost around three times as much as modern varieties industrially malted


We will be running a semi lautered mash tun with a regime tuned to the requirements of the heritage varieties


We aim to use a heritage variety/varieties of yeast. The focus will be on old strains of brewers yeast.


Our fermentation vessels will be 1200L and will be filled with no more than 900L of Wort. They will be made from Quercus Petraea and will not be cleaned using chemicals.

We are will be fermenting for a minimum of 100+ Hours, initial plans are for 168 hours/7days. Our aim is to produce a highly characterful wash, not a high-yielding wash.


The wash Still will be 1000 litres in capacity and will be direct gas fired. The Spirit Still will also be direct fired and will hold 600L.  The stills will be under filled, run carefully, manually and slowly without anti-foam


Casks will be filled at no-less than the industry standard of 63.5%ABV

Your cask

Your Octave will be produced from American White Oak which has previous held craft organic Bourbon.


Your Octave will be securely stored on site at the Dornoch Distillery, on the grounds of the Dornoch Castle

Terms of sale