Mill to Still, our Philosophy, our dream.

At the Dornoch Distillery we building a versatile production setup consisting of;

  • A semi lauter mashtun
  • Wooden Washbacks (oak)
  • A 2000 litre capacity pot column still
  • A 1000 litre Pot still
  • A 600 litre pot still 



We will be be using organic certified, floor malted barley with a focus on heritage varieties combined with old strains of yeast, predominately brewers,  long fermentation times in wood, careful direct fired distillation without antifoam. and manual cutpoints.   We are working with small independent producers in the USA and Spain to obtain a steady supply of high quality barrels with a focus on organic certified producers.


We will capable of making many different types of spirits with our column still with an initial focus on gin production.  We will be making a "from scratch" gin by milling, mashing, fermenting and distilling on site.  We are doing it the hard way.  Most craft gins are made from bought in Grain Neutral Spirit which is then re distilled.  Our focus will be to produce a subtle balance between spirit and botanicals.  We have secured supplies of organic cereals and are finalizing our suppliers of organic certified and wild botanicals.