Dornoch Distillery Co Tasting Panel.

We know whisky and whisky production really well.  We intimately know the  production of spirits.   We have lots of ideas and theories as to how we should go about making a gin with a balance of spirit and botanical influences, we have provisional recipes drawn up and some unique ideas.

My tastes are not your tastes and maybe I'll get too attached to my ideas, maybe i'll produce something great and not realise, maybe i'll make something I love but most other s hate.

We need Guinea pigs ;)

We need independent enthusiasts to taste, test and evaluate our spirits.  We need feedback that we can evaluate and use to refine our recipes and the balance of influences.  We need people to let us know when it works and when we are just being silly.

As an experiment we are offering 50 ml samples of our first 10 experimental batches, listed with ingredients and proportions for evaluation.  We will allow 35 days for the return of feedback and ideas and then produce a custom batch of gin based on what we've learnt from the insights of our tasting panel and send it out for you to see the fruits of our combined enterprise.  If the experiment is a success, we would like to continue to engage those who participate to help us further refine our core and play with new ideas.

We know a lot of guys will be signing up to our crowdfunder just for the gin and others  may only be interested in our whisky but we would really appreciate the effort by all to evaluate our gins and tell us how it works for you.

*Experimental gin production will be our initial production priority.  Once 10 successful batches have been run, they will be bottled in 50ml sample bottles and shipped together.  35 days after postage we will begin work on a custom batch for the tasting panel based on the feedback we receive which will be posted once complete.